I arrived in Israel at first for a Birthright trip. When it was over, I had plans to stay with friends and visit some schools around Israel to see if it was worth me making the big move. During that brief trip, I realized that the small country had many more opportunities for me to explore. A few days into my search, I not only found a great program through Masa, but I also bumped into a new love, someone unexpected but perfect for me, at a bus station in Jerusalem.


Eric and I come from entirely different parts of the United States, and yet a country on the other side of the world brought us together. Eric came to Israel as a lone soldier from Texas, and it’s been so inspiring to me, seeing him pursue his dreams despite the challenges of moving miles away from home by himself. Since arriving back in Israel last August for my study abroad program at Tel Aviv University, we now get to share the dream of living in Israel together.


Israel has been the foundation of our relationship, our new beginning and our lives together. The country has strengthened us as individuals and as so much as a couple. I couldn’t be happier studying here and living in a place I love with a person I love.

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